Der Hammer 07 : 7th November 2015

DER HAMMER 07 : Flyer front and backHere is information on Der Hammer 07, occurring on Saturday November 7th at Red House in Sheffield. The live acts for this event are Soft Riot/strong> (Sheffield), Uncanny Valley (London) and Hausfrau (Glasgow). Your host DJs are JJD and Lady Boy.

Doors: 8pm
Ends: Late
Entry: £3-£5 Donation Entry
Where: Golden Harvest, 74 Cambridge Street, S1 4HP

SOFT RIOT, UNCANNY VALLEY and HAUSFRAU are on a package tour of the UK and Europe and this will be their third date on that tour, bringing the electronics to Sheffield. See further down for tour dates.


Soft Riot is JJD, a new resident to Sheffield from London and Vancouver. Soft Riot’s sound is an amalgamation of JJD’s personal experience with music, containing elements of synthesiser-based film soundtracks, romantic italo-style flourishes and angular, psychedelic synth-pop all tied together with an underlying tension. It is a science-fiction heavy soundscape that narrates the listener through today’s fractured, excessive landscape with hints of black humour. Soft Riot’s new album “You Never Know What Might Come Next” is out now on the Paris-based label EXBTN.

” “You Never Know What Might Come Next” has a magnetic quality somewhat reminiscent in this respect of our dear, departed Fad Gadget, particularly during his “Incontinent” days. JJD/Soft Riot’s singular talent, confidence and ambition continues to grow quite staggeringly and he has produced an album I have listened to almost exclusively and repeatedly. Each new play, throws up something new and unexpected as it also settles into the psyche like an old, familiar and much cherished friend.” – Friedrichstrasse, 2015


Uncanny Valley are a new band from London including Owen Pratt, formerly of Noi Kabát (Berlin’s Aufnahme + Wiedergabe label). Inspired by the early industrial pioneers, dead crooners and the unrelenting speed of change, they combine live electronics with human error for unusual effect. Their debut 12” EP ‘Chain Store’ is out on November 29th.


Smearing the line between artifice and reality, Hausfrau is the pop construct of Glasgow based artist Claudia Nova. Themes of darkness and light are mutated into sensual shades by synth projections and Nova’s powerful voice. Taking cues from electronic music pioneers like Throbbing Gristle, Human League and Suicide andmelding it with the vocal style and ability of timeless torch-singers such as Dusty Springfield, Julee Cruise and Marc Almond, the music of Hausfrau explores and exploits the stark, beating heart of the dark dance.

On the decks will be your hosts JJD and Lady Boy.

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